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Ultraman is a Japanese Tokusatsu Television series that first aired in 1966. Ultraman is a follow-up to the television series Ultra Q, though not technically a sequel or spin-off. The show was produced by Tokyo Broadcasting System and Tsuburaya Productions, and was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) from July 17, 1966 to April 9, 1967, with a total of 39 episodes (40, counting the pre-premiere special that aired on July 10, 1966). Although Ultraman is the first series to feature an Ultra-Crusader, it is actually the second show in the Ultra Series. Ultra Q was the first. In fact, Ultraman opens with the Ultra Q logo exploding into the Ultraman logo. Ultraman ultimately became a major pop culture phenomenon in Japan. The shows success spawned dozens of sequels, spin-offs, imitators, parodies and remakes. To distinguish him from subsequent Ultra-Crusaders, Ultraman is referred to as the Original Ultraman, The First Ultraman, or Ultraman Hayata (a reference to his host's surname).

List of Ultramen

Ultraman / Ultra Seven / Ultraman Jack / Ultraman Ace / Ultraman Taro / Ultraman Leo / Ultrman Jonias / Ultraman 80 / Ultraman Tiga / Ultraman Dyna / Ultraman Gaia / Ultraman Neos / Ultraman Cosmos / The Next / Ultraman Nexus / Ultraman Max / Ultraman Mebius / Ultraseven X / Ultraman Zero / Zoffy / Father of Ultra / Mother of Ultra / Ultraman King / Ultraman Astra / Evil Tiga / Ultraman Agul / Ultraman Hikari / Hunter Knight Tsurugi / Ultraman Justice / Ultraman Noa / Ultraman Xenon / Ultraman Belial / Dark Zagi / Ultaman Chuck / Ultraman Scott / Ultraman Powered / Ultraman Great / Ultraman Nice / Ultraman Zearth / Ultrawoman Beth / Yullian / Ultrawoman Amia

List of ultraman monsters

Bemular / Gesura / Red King / Chandrah / Magular / Pigmon / Gabora / Jirass / Gyango / Pestar / Kemular / Jamila / Giggas / Gomora / Dada / Kemur II / Seabozu / Telesdon / Geronimon / Zetton

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